Hello from the caribbean, anyone else from Grenada around here? Thought not :-[

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  1. Well - I live on a hillside above a tropical beach in a place where its never less than 24 degrees and never more than 33, yada yada yada - of more importance - we have beautiful organic cheap meat.  Our chicken, pork, lamb, goat and beef is absolutely excellent - all we have to do is make more bacon...   are we can actually buy it locally, but its a luxury item, the solution is DIY.   Something i'm looking to start.

    We have some interesting hardwoods for smoking, citrus is my favourite, but we have pimento wood and other stuff too.

    This is the spice isle, theres no problem with ingredients generally - except one - i'll ask about that in the curing section.

    Any questions or tips gracefully received / happily answered.

  2. smokinal

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    Welcome to SMF!

    Sounds like you live in paradise!

  3. There are aspects that are, view from my balcony, but its not totally paradise....
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    Welcome to the forum,great view!
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    Welcome to the group!  Lovely view and great weather, sounds pretty sweet to me.  Glad you joined us.


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