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  1. My name is Rich and I'm from San Jose, CA, originally from NYC. I'm here to learn from everybody and anybody. I bought a smoker a few years ago, had no idea what I was doing but did it anyway. I didn't turn out so bad but wasn't that good either. But I want to learn what I can so that I can make some delicious smoked meats this summer. Looking forward to getting to know you guys/ gals
  2. Welcome to the forum, Looking forward to seeing you around the site.

    Gary S
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    Rich, nice to have another NorCal smoker in the house even if you did take the long road to get here.  Sign up for the 5 day e-course to get the basics down and then get smoking something!  Our weather is perfect right now.

  4. Welcome to the group. There is a lot of people here to help with almost any issue you have. Just ask or do check for the issue using the search bar. Good luck and keep smoking.
  5. Hey Guys. Thanks for welcoming me. Look forward to getting some tips from you guy. I'll sign u for the e course if I can. Thanks for the heads up

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