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  1. Hello all, I'm new to smoking and just bought a WSM 14.5. I have done ribs twice now and want to do many more cuts and types of meat. I guess this is kind of like golf for me...first set of ribs were fantastic and the second not so much, although the wife and kid liked them. I guess consistency will come with lots of practice. Well that's why I joined the site, figured this is a good place to learn and experiment.
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    Welcome STLCardinalsFan!  Congrats on the new smoker and the successful two smokes.  We all chase consistency, but the gap narrows with experience.  Meat can have a mind of its own in the smoker because they are all cut from different beasts.  Golf is a GREAT analogy!  Have fun, feed the family, and try it all.  There are lots of folks here with answers on just about anything you want to smoke.  Enjoy your WSM!
  3. Welcome from the other side of the state. And unlike golf, this hobby puts good food on the table!

  4. Hello and welcome to the site, The more you smoke the more comfortable you will get. Meat can very from one cook to the next, as you said your first ribs were great. Even though I buy my meat from the same place and get the same grade each time it does very, sometimes you have to cook it more, sometimes less. Last Saturday I smoked a bunch of stuff, Ribs actually got done faster than usual, brisket took about an hour longer, Pork butt was right on.  So the more you smoke you will be able to recognize these things and make adjustments as needed.

    Gary S
  5. Welcome! I live on the hill. I'll send some smoke signals out of my MES 30 this weekend.

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