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    Hi all, Rich here from Rapid City, SD. I just discovered the website and forum and am really looking forward to learning a lot from other 'smokers'. I started out about 20 years ago with a charcoal/wood smoker that had the separate firebox on the side. I drug it all over the country from Texas to Colorado to Minnesota to California to Louisiana where it finally burned through from age and rust. My first electric smoker was a black Masterbuilt and worked well for a couple of years but the metal on the inside was just crumbling away so I got another Masterbuilt but the all-stainless steel model. It worked for 3 seasons then the heating element died and I had no luck finding a replacement so it went to the recycling place. I replaced it with a stainless steel Cajun Injector. I've only used it once to cook up a couple of racks of beef ribs and a small trimmed brisket. They turned out great and chicken is the next meat I plan to smoke. 
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  2. Hello and welcome fro a sunny East Texas

    Gary S
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    Hey Gary, thanks for the note, even though I currently live in South Dakota I'm a native Texan. I was born in Bryan & grew up near Corpus Christi but moved to Houston after high school. I was in the Army from '70-'73 & graduated from the University of Houston in '76. I went back on active duty in '93 and retired in '09. The wife & I fell in love with the Black Hills of South Dakota & decided to stay here after we retired. The winters can be brutal (we had our first major blizzard on Oct. 4th last year).
    Take care,

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