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  1. Hi All, my name is Nelson and live in Simi Valley, Ca.  I am new to this forum, so thank you for having me.  I currently do not have a smoker, but am looking to get one.  I was planning on getting a Brinkmann Heavy Gauge Offset Smoker for roughly $300 from the local Home Depot, but saw that Brinkmann has a Heavy Gauge Vertical Smoker for alot less.  I figured I would get the vertical one to become good and then eventually move on up to the more expensive one.  I welcome any advice one may have or if you have used the Brinkmann Heavy Gauge Vertical Smoker how your experience with it is or was.  Thank you!!  Nelson
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    Nelson, welcome to SMF!  Due to family in your area I am relatively familiar with Simi. 

    Either Brinkman works well with charcoal and wood chunks.  Both require modifications right out of the box to seal leaks and keep the heat in.  If you are open to suggestions, take a look at the Weber Smokey Mountain.  Smokes great right out of the box and any mods are basically bling.

    Whatever smoker you choose, have fun and enjoy the tabletop rewards!

  3. Greetings Ray!!  Thank you for the reply and for the suggestion.  I will definitely take a look at the Weber.  It seems to be a popular brand.  Nelson
  4. Ray,

    Welcome to SMF, I agree with Nobound quite a few of the over the counter smokers require some mods. to hold the heat and distribute the heat and smoke properly. For a first time smoker you can't go wrong with the WSM.

    One more smoker I would like to recommend is the UDS Ugly Drum Smoker. They are good entry level smokers. Even the pros use WSM and UDS.

    After I built and used the UDS it works flawlessly. Just make sure the lid of the UDS seals good or has a seal so the heat and smoke don't escape.

    Javier M

    North Hollywood, CA


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