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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by schnapps, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. This looks like a very active forum. I recently became interested again in doing some smoking. I have smoked a couple of dozen times over the last 30 years. I have smoked salmon, trout, turkey, ham and and a few chickens. I have never smoked sausage although I make my own breakfast sausage, Polish sausage and Andouille sausages. I buy most of my supplies from The Sausage Maker Inc. .

    I have never been able to "cold smoke" and have often considered building a unit that would permit this. I am now in the process of doing this. I am well aware of the needs for proper curing of meats before smoking at a low temperature.
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    Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Check out the sausage section you'll find your not the only one who likes sausage and sausage making [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. There's lots to read, tons of people to meet. Join us in chat some time. [​IMG]
  4. Welcome to the forum. Lots of sausage makers around here. Andouille, now that sounds good. my buddy used to do a boil every now and then w/ Andouille and shrimp and veggies. we'd season and boil it all, then dump it on newspaper on the table and eat with our hands. Oh Yeah!
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    Welcome to SMF.
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    You've found the right place for great information on smoking, grilling, cold smokes and more. Welcome to the SMF.
  7. welcome schnapps!
    I'll be back near kings city doing another hunt camp in about 10 days. bringing my smoker this time around. theres quite a few of us in or near the bay area! again welcome!
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    Welcome to SMF from Nor Cal.
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    Welcome to the forum Schnapps! Glad to have you here. [​IMG]
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA

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