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  1. Hi everyone, what a great site! Right now in Hamilton, Ontario Canada it's a cool -25C feels like -41. I don't much feel like going back outside so I figured why not spend some time on SMF! I have been lurking around for the last few months now, finally signed up now that I am getting a setup going. Let me tell you about it.

    Before Christmas I ordered an MES 30" Digital (0910) off Amazon for a great deal at over $100 cheaper from the US than we can get them up here. The only problem is now it is sitting at my friend's in Buffalo for the last month and I haven't had time to get it yet, I am hoping this weekend! It is supposed to warm up to 1C by Saturday so I am hoping to season it and try it out soon:) We have a local BBQ shop here and my lovely wife got me an AMNPS for Christmas, and I also received Jeff's Smoking Meat book so I have been studying that as well. Our selection of pellets around here is pretty limited, right now I've just got a bag of Traegar hickory to try, I am looking into ordering some other varieties online in the next while and ship to my friend's stateside, I have also found BBQ'rs delight at the World's Largest BBQ store in Toronto. If anyone here is from the GTA I would be interested to know where you source your pellets locally.

    Thanks all and hopefully I can post my first Qview soon!
  2. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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    Hey Guy

    Welcome to the forum from Alberta

    Please throw a name at us.  Just curious, but what did shipping, duty, and GST do to the price of your Mes on Amazon.  I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself.  Just asking

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     Whata Welcome to the forum

    You ve come to the best place for great information on smoking and many other types of cooking! Many friendly people here that love to help. Also make the search button your best friend. There are over a million post in this forum. That powerful information on a vast array of subjects right at your fingertips. Brian
  5. Hi Gary,

    The MES was US$149 with free shipping, I had it shipped to my friend's PO Box in Buffalo. I believe with the state taxes and exchange it was $175 CAD I paid. I will declare it at the border whenever I get down to pick it up and will pay Ontario taxes on the US total, which was US162 so another $21 on 175 = 196CAD all totalled.

    The same smoker I looked at up here at Bass Pro was 279+tax.

  6. Welcome from Kingston! I've had luck at my local Home Hardware with Traeger pellets, every wood variety
    i could want, $20/ 20lb bag. Way cheaper than anything else i've found nearby.
  7. Hi offroader, thanks I will check out Home Hardware. I am originally from Kingston area, grew up about 45 minutes north of the city just past Verona. I still make it home about once a month to see family and friends. Nice to hear from a local guy!
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    Hey Chris

    Thanks for the info--really appreciate it.

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    I checked my local HH and all they had was Mesquite, Hickory & Apple. 

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