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  1. Just wanted to say hi and tell you a bit about my experience.  

    MES 30in Digital with the BT. The big orange giant gave it to me for the price of the non digital.....couldn't refuse it!

    Decided to smoke some St louis style ribs. 2nd try. It was a balmy 35° degrees when I fired up the smoker to preheat

    Rinsed, Trimmed and Rubbed the ribs a few hours the morning of the smoke (new years day 2016).

    I let them come up to room temp before placing them in the smoker (2hrs ish)

    Brought the smoker to 225° then added apple juice to the drip pan and apple chips to the tray. It took 45 min for the smoke to begin. 

    Plan was to do the 3-2-1 method I read while lurking about the interweb. I added chips every 45m to 60min. No spritzing during the 3 period as I figure the apple juice should help keep things moist.

    I placed the racks into foil pans (to assist in the cleanup) with a couple of oz of the apple juice. for the 2 part

    removed from pans and sauced them up with sauce of choice and left them on racks for 1-1/2 hrs to make up for loss of temp during the final step. I basted them quickly 1/2 way thru the final step. 

    Didn't take any pictures but they seemed to be a bit moister than what I was expecting. Tast was phenominal, better than what I was expecting and my wife was extremely happy and we all know thats whats important. 

    I am very happy with the performance of my smoker esp considering how cold it was, I do want them a bit drier and was thinking to cut down/out the apple juice bath. 

    And lastly THANKS to all of you for the information shared on this forum. 

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    Welcome to the group Marc,

    Glad your first attempts were edible, that's a great thing about smoking, you can usually eat your mistakes!


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