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  1. Hi everybody, my name is Elliott and I am a 27 year old virgin smoker. My birthday was last month and I received a few Amazon gift cards. Coincidentally the next week I had some amazing smoked chicken wings at a friends house. Right then I knew I had to have one. I found this forum and started researching. I decided on the MES 30 and an Amazen pellet smoker for good measure. Long story short, it is seasoning now with apple and hickory chips so I can see what the stock chip tray could do. I plan to smoke a little bit of everything, and am looking forward to gleening knowledge from the old hands!
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    Hey Elliot! Welcome! Looks like we have another Mitten member on the forum. We're here to help so let me know if you have any questions and be sure to join the Michigan members group. The link is in my signature block below.
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    Welcome to the board! This is a fun hobby, and you get to eat!

    Being able to smoke foods gives you something to exchange for other favors.

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