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  1. hello all hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year.... am al most ffinished building my smoker... it is an electric unit modled from the rather expensive smoking tec 1400. i have a good wood burning smoker but i was inpressed with the ability not to have to babysit the electric smoker that will come in very handy at times. not to mention the small electric unit will be handy to take to the firestation when im on duty.
    this is the first of the units i built and so im trying a lot of new things. like which size element to use, i first bought the brinksman 1500 watt conversion unit for 35.00$ at bass pro but after calling smoking tec i got the 700 watt comact unit for 24.00$ and it looks like the best way to go.... i will send pictures real soon...
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    Welcome to the forum Firefighter!
    Glad to have you aboard![​IMG]
  3. kookie

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    Welcome to the site. As for which element to use it depends on the size of your smoker and weather its insulated or not and such. I am using a 100w in my little cheif that I modded. Lots of info in the electric smoker section on here.

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    Welcome to the SMF, best smoke stop on the net. Looking forward to your pics when you finish that smoker. Then, maybe some Q Views!
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


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    Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you here. Remember to post q-view. Everyone loves that.
  7. Welcome to SMF
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    Welcome firefighter.....I know that they have some good cooks at the firehouse....so we will share with you and hopefully you can share some of the firehouse secrets with us.....welcome again to the SMF!!
  9. Welcome to the best BBQ forum on the net....
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    Welcome to the SMF, good luck with your build, don't forget some pics.
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    Welcome to SMF! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that new smoker when it's done.
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    Welcome to smf sounds like a nice build and best of luck with all you do!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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    Welcome FF MKG!!! This is the other place you get to have some fun when smoke's showin!!! As you can tell the place is full of friendly folks with lots of good experience,advice, and just fun to shoot the stuff with!! Enjoy!
  15. i ended up using a 700 watt element from a smokin tech smoker it was priced right and that was what i was moddeling it from anyhow.... it is insulatred so it keeps the temp easy to control
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    Welcome from a fellow firefighter.

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