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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by slowjoe, May 16, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Joe here from Minneapolis, MN. I've always had a love for real barbeque and decided to take up the art this past February. I own a ECB Gourmet with mods (lump coal) and I love it! I've had a couple smoke sessions with whole cut up chickens a few whole chickens (beer can and spatchcocked) and some spare ribs (no beef yet). I would have done a lot more by now but the wife will only allow so many days where I'm in and out of the house checking the temp. BUT, I now own a remote digital therm and me and my ECB are starting to understand each other better, so "she" requires less attention (I suppose the wife was getting jealous too)

    I just purchased a Char-broil electric smoker to get more of a "set it and forget it" thing going on since I have a 10 month old daughter to chase around the yard...my hope is that I'll need to tend the smoker even less since no charcoal is involved. I've done a couple mods to the electric as well. I'll be smoking some tandori chicken this friday, prbly a whole cut up chicken (paul kirk's recipe).

    I've resarched smoking quite a bit leading up to today and I must say this forum is my favorite. I also own Paul Kirk's championship bbq and Peace, Love, & BBQ--all these resources have helped me very much.

    Whew, hope I didn't ramble too much...looking forward to shooting the shtuff with you all.

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    Welcome to the SMF slowjoe. Sounds like you are already a smoking junkie [​IMG] Your in great company so jump right in.... the smoke is thin and blue. The Tandori chicken sounds awesome,maybe we can get you to share your recipe?? Remember we also love pics. Glad you like the forum and decided to join in the fun!!!!

    Look foward to reading your posts.[​IMG]
  3. Welcome to the SMF! Lots of good folks here to help you learn all about "Q".
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    Welcome aboard SMF slowjoe ,your in the right place [​IMG]
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    Welcome .......... Theresa hit in on the head, you are in great company. Your daughters first full sentence will be "More ribs Dad, PLEASE!"
  6. Welcome Slow Joe -

    Can't go wrong with Paul Kirks books. One heck of a nice guy too! Have you checked out Jeffs free 5 day eCourse or his new How To Smoke Meat EBook? It's also free!
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    Welcome to the forum Slo Joe.
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    Slo Joe , Wecome aboard !!
  9. Welcome aboard SlowJoe!
    Great people here.
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    Welcome to SMF slowjoe!!! Glad you found us.
  11. Welcome to the forum Joe. I look forward to sharing your smoking adventures with us. Have fun.
  12. you're gonna fit right in here ........[​IMG]

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