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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gridirongriller, May 27, 2008.

  1. New guy here. Not new to smoking or boards, just been reading this one for awhile and thought it was time to sign up.

    Been competing on the Gridiron Grillers for about 3 years. Mainly KCBS and the big one on the River with another team.

    Look forward to learning lots here!
  2. bbqgoddess

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    Hi from So Cal,
    So your the peeping tom huh? Just kidding, it seems that you will be doing a lot of the teaching here!!
    I can't wait to get some of your secrets! [​IMG]
  3. I don't have much to teach yet! But the amount of good info that can be learned here is staggering!

    How did people smoke before the internet? lol
  4. stfron

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    Welcome! I LOVE your city- My wife and I travel down there a few times a year from Peoria- Usually spend the weekend at the Graceland Days Inn- they allow dogs!
  5. waysideranch

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    Hey Griller , Welcome to the SMF.
  6. flyin'illini

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    Glad you came in from lurker land and look forward to your contributions to the SMF.

    I for one would not be creating much edible smoked meat without the internet and the SMF.
  7. Wow...staying near Graceland. You are braver than I am!

    I do love Memphis. It's a strange place....so many people say they hate it here and want out, but if any outsider says something bad they are ready to fight!

    And while we are well known for some great (and some over-rated) BBQ joints...the best is in someone's backyard. This town is overrun with great cooks...and I ain't complaining!
  8. stfron

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    Yeah, neighborhood is dicey- but the hotel is nice! They keep it real clean.
  9. jverdin

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    Hello From Wisconsin. Memphis is where I got hooked on this addiction. I love it! You will surely be a great addition
  10. sumosmoke

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    Glad you've joined us at SMF, GG! I tried to do a google search on Gridion Grillers and didn't come up with anything. What is your specialty to grill when competing?

    Look forward to some of your q-vue, for sure!!
  11. seboke

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    Welcome g-griller! I absolutely agree with flyin'illini... Had a smoked turkey leg at Busch Gardens. Said to myself "I gotta learn to make these!" The internet search commenced, and pretty much stopped once I found the SMF!
  12. We're not an old team so there's not much if anything out there. Had a website, but got busy with work and BBQing and decided not to keep it up.

    We have 4 main team members. I handle whatever we cook for Friday night and the brisket, though obviously all 4 of us share lots of duties.

    Whenever we cook in Memphis we tend to end up with a pretty good size party on Friday night so have to have lots of food on hand to feed them...but I wouldn't want it any other way.

    We had two other members last year who have started their own team. TnT Grillers. It's always great to see your team grow and divide as members learn more and want to have more responsibility.
  13. pineywoods

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    Welcome to the forum looking forward to some qview
  14. Thanks! I try to always have plenty of pics, so qview won't be a problem. A little in the beef forum right now.
  15. lcruzen

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    Howdy GG! We always have a great time in Memphis. Periodically drive down to Tunica and spend one night on Beale Street. Look at my sig and you can see it is right up my alley! Welcome and great to have ya here!

  16. irish fan

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    Welcome to the forum.I do have one question to ask you as a member from Memphis. Who would you say serves up the best BBQ in Memphis? I have always thought Neelys Interstate BBQ was the best,but it would be interresting to get another opinion.I have a daughter who lives down there and I visit quite often which gives me a chance to try alot of diffrent places.
  17. Central BBQ is my favorite. Neely's is good, too. I haven't made it to Cozy Corner or Leonard's, but lots of locals swear by them.
  18. bondvader

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    Welcome from HOCKEYTOWN. [​IMG]

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