Hello from MD!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by fineswine, May 28, 2014.

  1. Hi All!

    My name is Jay. I live in MD with my wife and 2 dogs. Been smoking for a few years on an older Brinkmann Smoke N Pit my wife bought me. It's not the best in the world, but does the trick for me!

    I look forward to learning and talking with everyone!
  2. smokerjim

    smokerjim Meat Mopper

    hi jay and welcome to the forum,i think you will find the people hear the friendliest and most helpful of all sites.trust me i don't think there is question about smoking that you won't get answered here. good luck  jim
  3. Hello Jay, welcome from East Texas. Just remember it's not the smoker it's the person doing the smoking

    Gary S
  4. jp61

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    Hey, Jay! 

  5. Thanks Fellas!

    And big Semper Fi to you, Joe!  I was in 2/8, Afghan and Iraq vet.
  6. jp61

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    Back at ya! Thanks for your blood, sweat and tears!

    [​IMG]  My tour was many moons ago. 
  7. rdknb

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    Welcome to SMF from Kent Island Md.
  8. Thanks!  We're not too far from eachother....Kent Island is a great area!!

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