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  1. Tim here.  MA isn't exactly known for being a BBQ mecca, so there's not much to choose from restaurant wise.  Chances are 50/50 at best for a good meal.  So I decided to try myself.  Been smoking ribs for a couple years on my Weber Genesis, but that's been about it till last month when I got my first smoker for Christmas.  I wanted a charcoal, but electric was the best the budget could handle.  Figure in a couple years I can upgrade.  I will say electric is REALLY easy.  Done a pulled pork twice, came out really good both times but took WAY longer than I initially expected.  I've tried doing brisket twice but I've had bad luck with it, both times came out too done.  Trying again this weekend.  Look forward to reading some words from the experts...
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    Welcome to the forum. Lots to learn here.

    I am not one of the experts, but most will say the first important thing to do is verify your built in thermometer. Most all of the factory supplied thermometers are bad off. Reports of 50f or more are not uncommon and have led to many confused smokers.

    Again, Welcome.
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    [​IMG]   To SMF glad to have you on board and to help you get around this great sight take the time to read on Home page the article Initial Greeting it contains a lot of helpful info. Also on top of Home page there is a search engine to help. Look up the types of meat you want to cook and get the info or just ask a question on say briskets and get the answer.
  4. Thanks Lamar...what do you use to verify, a regular oven thermometer?
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    Most people use digital thermometers with two probes. One placed about an inch above the grate the meat is on and the other inserted into the meat to monitor the internal temperature. There are several brands available and seems like all are reliable. If you get one, just don't let water get in the probe where the wire goes in. Many have been ruined this way.

    Good luck

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    Welcome to SMF!

    Hope you hit a winner with your brisket this weekend!


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