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  1. Well just bought my first smoker 2 weeks ago (Green Mountain Daniel Boone) so I am very new to this. I settled here 16 years ago from Northern Ireland and have been to so many BBQ's and I watched my friends and family smoking ribs and brisket and such. I decided to get into it myself, but I have a lot to learn, been trolling through YouTube trying to get some info but the views are all very different, kind of confusing but I am sure with a little advice from people it will become clearer. I look forward to reading the posts. And thanks in anticipation of any tips and hints!
  2. Hello and welcome to you.

    It gets a little confusing even here sometimes.

    Most everyone has their way and they are mostly all good ways.

    You just kind of decide which method you're going to use and everyone will

    help you with it.

    If you like it and it works well for you OK, but soon you'll want to experiment.

    The one big thing to remember is to have fun.

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    Best thing is take what people here are willing to teach and add to your style of cooking. Everyone has something to offer here. Also ask questions. People are here to give knowledge. This site has many professional cooks that have done it a long time. They are the teachers and we are their students.
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    Big welcome to a fellow Kansan. There are so many different ways of doing bbq and it can all be good. Best thing to do is start experimenting. I like to tell people when they ask what's my style of que, I always tell them "It's mine, plain and simple. Just because I'm from Kansas, I'll never limit myself to 'traditional KC' que." And I feel that's how everyone should approach doing it themselves. So good luck, and there are plenty of answers here already, and more than enough people to answer any questions that haven't been asked already.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Congrats on the new smoker!

    Looking forward to seeing it in action.


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