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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokernewbee, May 26, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have used an upright water smoker a few times. Now I have upgraded to a barrel grill with a side mounted firebox. I will be hounest... i have no clue how to use this. any tips on where to begin?
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    Lets start off by saying, Welcome to the forum. Its a great place. Personally, I think some pics of the smoker will help us help you.
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    Hey there, welcome to SMF. If you're totally green to smoking start with signing up for the free, 5-day eCourse offered by Jeff. It'll get you started in the right direction to smoke some delicious stuff.

    In a little bit, others who own your model may be along to give you some tips, or links, that will help guide you. Did that thing come with an instruction manual or are you having to lead yourself through this?

    Good luck!
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    Welcome Smoker. Nice to see another Iowan on here. Gettin quite a few of us here. What kind of smoker do you get? There is all sorts of info on here about how to use them, what mods you need to do, etc. Look around, ask questions and have fun smoking.
  5. Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! Another Iowan! We all gonna rule the roost soon, gettin as bad as them folks from michigan![​IMG]
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    Welcome and glad you found us
  7. Welcome to the smf............Glad to have you here.............Lots of great info here and great people too.........You will love this site.......
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    welcome to the forum, lotsa great people with great advice!!!
  9. finaly figured out how to add pictures so here are the pics of my new grill. any hints tips and help with what to do and how to best utilize this would be greatly appreciated. i already used it to grill some steaks and it did a good job with those but i love smoked meat better.

    Attachment 9585

    Attachment 9586

    Attachment 9587

    Attachment 9588
  10. Welcome to the forum. There are lots of threads about using your rig. Just search out SNP or CGSP and you will find many opinions. Mine is that you should read through them and modify the methods to suit your style of cooking and tastes.
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    Hey smoker, you've got the same one as I do. I really like it now that I did the mods to it. Check out the forum section and go to Charcoal Smokers. All sorts of mods you can do listed on there. 1st thing I did was add a thermometer on each side of the front of the smoking chamber. The one on top that comes with it is junk. Then I made a baffle and then used a 3" dryer vent to extend my chimney down to the grate. I also added the fibreglass rope all the way around the outside of the smoke chamber, to seal it up better. You'll find all sorts of diff things to do to it. Just read every thing you can. It all help me. My temps stay even now from side to side. Very happy with it.

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