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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rushmc, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. rushmc

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    I have used an old smoker off and on for years.  But this weekend I will have 40 plus showing up on bikes who are doing RAGBRI.  I live in an overnight town

    Anyway, I wanted to smoke some pork loins for them and my old smoker was getting tired and temp control on it is less than good so, I purchased a Brinkmann Trailmaster

    In doing some searching on the internet, I found this sight

    Because of this sight I have already learned about and have already added tuner plates and a coal basket

    Great ideas so..........

    50lbs of pork goes into the thing this Sunday morning

    Now I am looking for rubs and ideas

    Great sight

  2. smoke slinger

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    Welcome to the forum, this is one great site for help and great recipes. I have enjoyed it over the last two years and I have gotten much help when needed. Don't be afraid to ask.

  3. Welcome to the forum from East Texas, let us know how your pork turn out

    Gary S
  4. rushmc

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    "let us know how your pork turn out"

    They ate it all

    I did a simple brown sugar and sea salt rub with hickory (and some spices)

    Turned out great!  Glad I learned about the tuning plates here cause I needed even heat

    See the picture

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