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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cab2g, May 19, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am new to the smoking world, but my dad has been using the same offset smoker for a good 15+ years with some amazing results over the years. I used to own a vertical water smoker. But because I got the cheapest model, it didn't have a sealed underside and the draft caused me to use up a lot of coal and have undesirable results!

    So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Char-Griller Smokin Pro 1224 offset smoker. And even though it's cheap compared to the professional grade smokers, I am pretty sure I can mod it to get some great results. I have already done the standard chimney extension and dual grill-level thermometer additions. I also sealed the chimney and connection between the side fire box and main box to keep the heat in longer.

    I would still like to seal up the doors a little better as a lot of smoke comes out through them as well, but I think that's pretty doable. I heard I just need to spray on some cooking spray on one surface and make a bead of silicone around the complete peremeter to seal up the doors.

    Either way, my absolute favorite smoked food is ribs! I have 2 slabs in the freezer just waiting to be cooked! I look forward to participating in this community and learning a thing or two!
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    [​IMG]  to SMF.
  3. swisha

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    hey nice rig, im sure it will smoke them ribs to perfection! those char grillers are nicely made with the heavy steel cooking compartment, bet you will enjoy 15+ years of smoking satisfaction on that rig as your dad has. welcome to SMF!
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - glad to have you here 
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    [​IMG]  to the forum form another Illinoian. looks like ya got a good start. You will be smoking like a pro in no time!
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    Welcome aboard!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. cab2g

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! It's funny because I saw a few issues with people not being able to maintain temps in the Char-Griller, but last night I had the main cooking chamber lid cracked open because the Char-Griller rotisserie doesn't fit perfectly even with the side knock out. The grill was able to maintain temps of over 250 with just a couple small pieces of hickory and a basket full of charcoal. When I did about 1/3 wood and charcoal The main chamber was at about 350 with the lid cracked open. Needless to say this smoker is leaps and bounds better than my last smoker!  I can't wait to smoke some ribs next!

    Below is a picture of the basket I just made w/o any welding. I used old toilet bolts and washers to rest the basket on the Grill brackets. That way I can pull out the ashes without disturbing the coals. After a 5 hour burn There was still airflow under the basket and I didn't even have to clean out the ashes. So that's pretty impressive. I had to clean out the ashes 3 to 4 times per smoking session with my old smoker!

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