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Discussion in 'Texas Members' started by smokey tex, Aug 29, 2016.

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    I just wanted to say "hey" or "howdy" to my fellow Texans.  My wife and I have been married for 16 years and we lived Fort Worth for 13 years.  Last August, we moved to Hurst (just a few miles away).  We have our own band and are involved with our church, on top of my regular job.  We also have three kids (13, 12, and 9), all of whom are hard core carnivores and love smoked meat.  In fact, our 12 year old actually asked me to smoke her a full brisket (all for her) her birthday!! 

    My favorite BBQ restaurant so far is Louie Mueller's in Taylor.  I've been smoking (meat) for about 12 years now and am always looking for ways to improve.  As far as the sauce vs. no sauce issue, I tend to prefer by BBQ without sauce.  At least, I like to see what the "artist" intended before deciding if it needs any embellishment.  But there are no hard feelings for any hard core sauce people here.

    I'm looking forward to meeting some new folks here and learning some things to improve my BBQ.  And if I can offer any helpful insight, I'll be glad to do so as well. Well, that's all for now...
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    Welcome Smokey!  We are happy you joined the site. Been to Taylor a time or two but Ive not tried Louie Mueller's.  Tell us what they do right!

    And agreed.  We are no sauce folks. 

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    Sauce was made to cover up bad Q in my opinion! Good Q is served with sauce on the side!

    Welcome to the group! Lots of knowledge here, and your info is welcome as well!

    Let's see some grub!
  4. Welcome, Smokey! Glad to have you aboard.
  5. smokey tex

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    Thank you!  Louie Mueller's is old school all the way.  They have been around since 1949, probably in the same building.  From the outside, it looks like some kind of aluminum shed with these huge sliding doors on the side.  I'm assuming this is for when it's cold, rainy, etc.  Both times I went were during July and I'm pretty sure there is no air conditioning.  We were sweating within a couple of minutes of walking in, and didn't stop until we left and were driving home.  The floors were old and rickety and the smell of wood (oak in their case) permeated everything.  

    My wife wasn't too crazy about the atmosphere, but all of my guy friends thought it was completely awesome.  I ordered the beef rib.  Yes, just one rib.  But it was around a pound and a half.  The meat was incredibly tender and rich.  They are pretty simple.  Not a lot of fancy rubs or anything.  Just salt and pepper, with a higher concentration of pepper.  They had some kind of their own sauce on the side, but I didn't even try it because their meat was so good. I'm not sure if this really answers your question.  As far as what they did well, I would say keeping it simple, but doing everything with unbelievable quality.  If you are ever in Taylor again, I would highly recommend stopping by there! 
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    I will certainly give it a try. My son Brennan has been there a time or two. In fact, he read my earlier post and couldn't believe I had not eaten there. I see a father and Son road trip coming soon. B
  7. smokey tex

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    Exactly!  One of my long time friends lives in Arkansas and we have had some friendly debates on this.  I'm thinking that he is more influenced by the KC / St. Louis heavy sauce culture.  However, he has agreed to try some of mine without sauce.  So we'll see!  And yes, I'll post some pictures soon.  Thanks!

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