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  1. Hello,

    I got a 22" WSM last Tuesday. Accessories: Maverick model ET732 wireless dual probe thermometer, Weber rapid fire chimney starter, Bear Paw meat handler, 2-Outset dual rib / roasting rack, Black Knight PVC coated jersey lined gloves by Best Gloves, hickory chunks, mesquite chunks, and pecan chunks. I have ordered sensor grommets for the thermometer and food probes from Stoker but haven't gotten them yet.

    I did two racks of ribs Friday - okay but tough. I did three racks on Sunday using the 3-2-1 - much better. The rub I used was from the virtual bullet website for the international competition ribs and Stubbs the first time. I like the rub from the VB website better. I used pecan both times and liked the taste and smell while smoking.

    I am probably getting way ahead of myself but today I stopped and got a 7.32 pound whole Boston butt pork roast and a 15 pound heavy beef whole cry-o-vac beef brisket. They were on sale the butt was $ 1.49 per pound and the brisket was $ 1.88 per pound. I'm not sure if those were great prices, but the were on SALE.

    Now if I could only decide which one to do first. Probably the butt because the brisket has over a week of shelf life in the cry-o-vac package.

    Just wanted to say HI, so HI !!! I'll be around but will be busy on this and the VWB site trying to figure out how to cook these things.

    Any suggestions to make it easier for a first time butt and/or brisket smoker would be appreciated.
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    hello and welcome to SMF
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    Welcome aboard!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    [​IMG]     Glad to have you with us!
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    Welcome from Spring Texas! 

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