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  1. Hello all! My name is Ryan and I am just getting started in the smoking world. This past week I finally got around to putting a large patio in the backyard and had to outfit it with a smoker, to give me even more reason to enjoy it. Last year I purchased a basic electric smoker but never had much success (mostly because of the quality of the smoker I believe, since it just didn't seem to have the power to get to temp) so moved up to an offset... I figure at the rate of a new upgrade to what I smoke on it won't be long before I have a trailer to take around, HA! I'm also big into the craft beer scene, so smoking seems like a great addition to my hobbies. [​IMG]

    Currently I have the electric Master Forge 1500 Watt Vertical Smoker and my new purchase, a Char-Broil Offset 1280. Now I just need to take full advantage of the weather, before awful Cleveland Ohio weather starts to come in for the winter!!

    Looking forward to learning from all the experience on these forums.
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  2. King James returns and you get a new smoker... I'd say that's a pretty damn good week overall!
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas

    Gary S

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