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  1. My name is Larry. Been an occasional lurker for several years but still a newbie especially to the smoking lingo and anachronyms. Born and raised in Central Florida and a staunch Gator fan.
    I have owned a Big Green Egg for about 4-5 years, but was considering a Masterbuilt smoker for longer cooks. ( pretty hot in Florida now to be out long in front of the cooker.) I have many questions, but if it's Ok, I'll start with just a few in this initial post.
    1. Regarding smoking pellets, I have seen several mentions of the AMNPS? What exactly is that?
    2. I'm leaning towards the Masterbuilt 30" smoker.
    But not sure if to get the Bluetooth one or the one with the remote?( heard there were issues about the Bluetooth connectivity that some had wished they just got the remote.)
    3. Reading reviews, I read where some actually sprayed a cooking oil on the inside of these electric smokers to aid in future cleaning? Is this recommended, and if so, should this be done after the initial preseason smoking?
    Well that's a start. I'm sure I'll be back for more help.
    Thanks in advance . Go Gators. Larry
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    Hey, I am semi new to smoking little over 2 years smoking meat. Smoked fish for 30 plus years. I bought a Traeger pellet smoker and it is awesome. Very easy to use, set and forget.
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     Welcome to the Forum !
    I am a newbie here as well [​IMG]
    I think the people here and the information they have here as well as their willingness to share, not sure there is a better Forum out there to be honest.
    I just bought a MES 30, did a rack mod to add 3 more racks since I am starting with jerky, it will give me lots of space with 8 racks, gonna put up pics and procedure when I get the racks from Master Built.
    I went with the Analog version, mainly because I do not want to worry about the electronics, the bottom line is you can spend under $50 bucks and get a dual probe remote (in oven/grill) Thermometer that could be wireless as well that will tell you internal temps, meat temps, timer and time of day, I looked at the replacement cost of the control unit if needed replacement and it was over 130 bucks, I can buy a new control and heating element from Master Built directly for this one for right at 50 bucks, the analog is very simple and I like the air intake and exhaust setup, low air movement, so controlled temps should be a breeze whether I am cold smoking or cooking, may be for dehydrating may want a little more but that could be remedied with a very easy mod [​IMG], but I would in regards to dehydrating, rather take a longer time.

    The AMNPS is a pellet smoker, they have a couple of types, I have one for my MES 30 Sportmans Elite, the link is here:
    , and they have some tube pellet smokers also if you look on the page it should be there, the link is the one I have and it sits nicely on the bottom of the MES 30 where the chip tray goes, if you do low temp stuff, the element does not burn often or hot enough for the chip smoke to even work in most cases, only really kicks in on higher temps like for cooking rather than cold smoking or dehydrating.

    I am pretty excited about it and did it for the Temp control and for the greater ease of use, not having to be out there the whole time and also in this heat not having to be over a Char Grill about 300 degrees and melting while everyone waits in the shade for the eats hehehe

    The analog I purchased in in my Sig below, they do not make this analog version in a 40 yet, if they did I would have bought that, but with the 8 total racks in this one, and it has the legs with it, I think this will be just fine.  [​IMG]
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    Forgot about the cooking oil question.....................
    I will have to wait for some experience to answer that, but you may want to ask these questions in the "General Discussion" Thread, and not here on the "Roll Call" Thread, this is really just for Welcoming new folk to SMF, all the traffic and experienced answers you would find there quicker  [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

    There are a bunch of MES owners on here to help you.

    I would post your questions in the electric smoker section & you should get the answers your looking for.


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