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  1. Hi everybody, I'm now officially a smoker! Thanks to everyone's help here, I found a deal at Cabella's on a SS Masterbuilt Electric that I couldn't pass up. It arrived today, a few days early--it was on backorder til the 10th but they must have received them earlier than expected.

    Prior to this, my previous experience was only wood chips on gas grills. Mesquite changed my life about 20 years ago on a small tabletop gas grill... a T-bone steak if I remember correctly.

    Just recently, I've been using cast iron smoker boxes on a Thermos (Charbroil made I think) SS 3-burner gas grill. Most recent success was a 5-6-hour spare ribs smoke on Labor Day weekend, using my own rub based on peppers I grow & dry. I did 2 racks on baking cooling racks placed over the grill grates, which raised the ribs an addition 3" or so above the grill grates, which worked pretty well using 2 or 3 of the burners on low. I used a mix of hickory & mesquite, plus some finer chips of Cameron's cherry I think. They turned into a 2-2-1 smoke instead of 3-2-1... they were at about 175 degrees internal at 5 hours. They almost fell apart when taking off the grill, some bones got left behind from falling out.

    I also have experience using BBQr's Delight pellets--apple, sugar maple, hickory, mesquite, Jack Daniels, etc. I use their round cast iron box with the pellets. I'm still experimenting with smoking on the grill and ordered a stainless box in the hopes of getting smoke sooner than the wait with cast iron. It sucks having smoke start 5 minutes after your food is ready!

    I went with the MES because of the good words about it here, plus Marvin's tips & tricks. Also because of overall operating costs--electricity was the cheapest way to go.

    I spend much of my time taking care of my dying Mother who has diabetes & advanced Alzheimers, plus enjoy growing heirloom tomatoes & peppers, and other veggies. This past Saturday, I won three awards at the Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest 2008--Smallest Tomato, Largest Tomato (2lbs 2.2oz), and Best Tasting of All. There were 94 different tomato varieties to taste.

    I also grow giant pumpkins, but took this year off and grew 24 different varieties of heirloom garlic in its space. I have a lot of physical problems (back, knee, now carpal tunnel & cubital tunnel, among other things) so the gardening, cooking/eating and the internet ease some of the pain & stuff going on right now.

    Hope I can contribute as much as many of you here! Thanks for having me!
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to SMF...good choice on the garlic...MUCH easier to lift! Enjoy your time here!
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    OMG A New Yawker....there goes the forum [​IMG]

    Welcome aboard from the deep south. Have not been up you way since
    ' 96. Have fun on the forum, good people here.
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    Welcome to the forum! Have the same problems too - knee, foot and back operations, diabetic, epileptic, and wife's on her second cancer that we'll find out about today. We're originally from Watertown NY and went to Buffalo to Roswell Memorial Cancer Center for treatment - the Watertown doctors gave her 3 weeks; 15 years later and with help from Roswell she's still kickin' my butt! We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Broadway and they were the best people; gave us a 40% discount on the room as Roswell patients, free shuttle to and from the hospital, got a free complimentary breakfast every month and no-tipping required room service. Spent over 6 years going there!
    Hope you have many great smokes out of your new electric! I've got a smoker from Cabela's too, the green bullet electric; it does a great job! We've got a Cabela's store about 30 minutes from us in North Fort Worth and it's an adventure every time we go there! Post a lot of Qview so we can drool over your dinner! [​IMG]
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    Howdy from the lower hudson valley nickle city smoker!the fine folks here at SMF will have you in the rite direction!
    Happy Smokes!
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    Welcome to da forum tender!!
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    Welcome to the forum Tender from the 'Cuse! Enjoy your stay with us. Looking forward to some advise and tips from you. Dont forget the Qview
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    Welcome to the forum Tender, glad to have you here!
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    welcome to smf!!! great site to learn and take part of. ck out the free ecourse and hope you share your smokes with qview!!!
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    Welcome to SMF and congrats on the new smoker. Have fun and happy smoking.
  12. Thanks everbody for the warm welcomes and I'm proud to say I did my first smoke today (Thursday!)

    I started by drying a bunch of peppers, mostly hot, then ground them in the blender & added a bunch of other ingredients like cumin, brown sugar, heirloom garlic, some chocolate habs, etc, for the rub.

    First I cut some slits in the butt everywhere and insert the heirloom garlic slices...(Simonetti softneck and Spanish Roja hardneck.) Then I rub the entire but with soy sauce after scoring the fat cap. Then I put rubber gloves on & rub the butt with the dry rub. When done, it looks like this:

    About 30-60 minutes before smoking, I added some chips to a mason jar and poured flat root beer over them. I fired up the Masterbuilt and waited til it reached 220 and put the butt in and the wet chips. (Mostly hickory.) To the drip pan I added a cup of root beer, a cup of "strawberry-orange-banana" sugar free drink, and water until nearly full. I closed the smoker door a couple minutes after midnight. Temp was set for 220 and time for 11 hours.

    The probe thermometer I have has different alarms but no remote pager. I set it for 145. I went back out around 3:30am and added about a tablespoon or 2 of apple pellets. Internal meat temp was around 115 I think. I went back to bed.

    I woke up around 8am or so and went to check it out and the alarm was beeping. Internal temp was up to 160. My neighbor came out and said he heard it beeping for the last hour or 2 but didn't know if he should call me or what! I should have told him the night before to call if he hears any beeping!

    I foiled it up and put it back in and raised the temp to 230 and the alarm to 205, and timer for 5 hrs to be safe. I went back to sleep for a couple hours. Around 11am, I watched it slowly go from about 190 thru close to noon when the alarm went off at 205. I turned the smoker off and shut the vents. it only increased a degree or 2 aand then waited for it to cool enough to handle.

    Here's just out of the smoker around 1pm, when I wiggled the fat cap back to see if tender:

    It effortlessly came apart without really having to do anything!

    Here's the final pic after torn apart a bit, and the bone removed.

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    Looks awesome tender loins! Welcome to the forum and keep the Qview coming.
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    Great job Brother ! [​IMG]
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    welcome to the forum... i live in west seneca, so we are almost neighbors......................................
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    Welcome tot he SMF, looks like you're on your ways to some great eatin'.
  17. Thanks everybody!

    Fred, I grow about 75 tomato plants & 40 pepper plants here, but I have about 40 tomatoes growing at a friend's house in West Seneca too! Mineral Springs & Harlem area. Another friend lives on Patricia...

    I wondered about smoking tomatoes, even to the point of dehydration. I have a bunch of tomatoes that are way too big for sammiches and may give some a try... maybe somebody has tried that? I have a really great salsa recipe for canning from another forum if the smoking don't work.

    I may also do some ribs this weekend, I got some baby backs that are really tiny the darn pigs musta been stillborn or someone's pot belly pigs!

    Thanks for all the tips & encouragement everybody!
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    Hello Tatanka Tenderloins!

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