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Discussion in 'Texas Members' started by kingmac, Apr 13, 2014.

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    This is Kingmac from Live Oak, just outside San Antonio. I am a new member of the SMF forum, and now I am a part of a forum devoted to all things Texan. I am pleased to be here and learn more about smoking, grilling, and just having a great time and good eats.

    I'm not a native Texan (unfortunately) but I got here as fast as I could. But my wife is a native Texan born in Kingsville.I have been in and out of Texas since 1963 owing to my service in the US Army. I  have been in Texas since 1974 and retired from the Army in 1983.
  2. Hey Kingmac,

    Just down the road from you near Windcrest. New to the SMF also. Usually smoke on a New Braunfels Bandera, but last fall purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker. Got some chicken wings on the MES over some cherry wood.
  3. kingmac

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    Welcome Dale--

    I also own a MES and have for over a year now. Actually, I have four grills/smokers; the MES, a Char Broil Gas Grill, a propane Char Broil Big Easy, and a Oklahoma Joe grill/smoker with an offset wood box.  Have not used the gas grill for over a year now, but use the other three on a regular basis.. 

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