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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by billhenry16, May 26, 2014.

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    I purchased my first smoker this past weekend and had decent results. Biggest issue was my rub was too spicy for some guests. But now I know. I bought an electric master built 30" smoker. I disnt go with gas as
    My BBQ is natural gas piped and I didn't want to buy a propane tank. I didn't want the added task of charcoal. I know some will dislike electric. But it worked for me at this first attempt. Attached is a picture of my first attempt. Any tips hints or do nota are welcome. I will be reading the forums and learning as much as I can. Thanks to those who spare their time to run the site.
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    Welcome, I am new here as well!

    The best smoker is the one you own and use!

    I like a spicier rub too, but most in my household like things a little sweeter. Which rub are you using? I like Jeff's rub to start, and have built my own around it to suit my own tastes. I like mine with a little sweet, a little more heat, and salt in the background.

    At any rate, I am far from an expert. :sausage:
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, Here is what I do especially when I do ribs, My #2 son and one Grand son like dry and spicy, My wife and daughter-in -law and other grand son and grand daughter like wet and sweet, me and #1 son like a little wet with a little sweet and a lot of kick.

    So I fix them all three ways.  If I am smoking for people that I am not sure of their taste, I just go mild, with a little spice. Another thing I do especially earl on is ask everyone to be honest and tell me what they thought so I can improve each time and get them the way they like.

    Gary S 

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