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    My name is Philip, I'm pretty much a permanent resident here in Kansas, and if you know anything about Kansas weather is always kind of an issue. Its either Blowing 50 mph or its -20 degrees, and then in the summer we get to fight 110 degree days. So one cook is never the same for me, which i actually prefer. I am always trying something new with my smokers and seasoning, I view it as my quest to the perfect four (Ribs,Chicken,Pork,Brisket). I have 3 smokers at the moment, My first one that I ever got was a New Branfels offset smoker, then I got a Weber Kettle Since it was just me and my wife, we wanted something a little smaller to grill on. It turns out it a very easy grill to use to smoke on also. The newest smoker that I got was a Traeger lil Tex. So I get to do a lot of different kinds of smoking, and it all depends on the day and what I want to cook which one I will use. My favorite thing to smoke is Brisket, but that may be because its also my favorite thing to eat.
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    Welcome to the site Philip.  That's a nice assortment of smokers you've got there.

    I look forward to reading about your smoking projects.

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