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  1. I stumbled onto this forum searching for info on a Char-Griller I found on Craigslist. Wow what a long thread that was! I am truly glad I found this place. Admittedly, I haven't smoked a single thing in my life. And for the past 10 yrs have been exclusively grilling on a piece of junk gas grill that's on its last leg. Looking forward to learning how to smoke some great bbq!
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    Welcome to the board! Oh are you going to take a step up in quality of equipment. Read up on the information here and you'll be off to a good start.
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  3. Already have some of the parts needed to mod the Char-Griller smoking pro that I bought wed night. Hopefully I will get try it out Sunday!
  4. Welcome to the forum bbrown

    Gary S
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  5. Welcome to the forum. I have the chargriller outlaw w/ SFB. I love it. It turned out some great Q for me, but, it does take some practice to learn how to smoke well on the unit. I did some mods including fire basket and new therms. Good Luck!!!
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