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  1. Hello from Iowa. I just came across this page when looking for tips on smoking. Just bought a bradly smoker yesterday and trying it out today. I recently had a loin that was home smoked and it was tremendous so I decided i needed to learn how to do it. Any tips from any one would be greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! There's some Bradley owners on here that'll help ya out or give ya their advise !
  3. Welcome to the group. Any question you have or issues and surely be found here. Good luck with the new smoker and keep smoking.
  4. Welcome to the forum, Pork Loin ?  its a pretty lean piece of meat, keep an eye on it. Let us know how it turns out.

    Gary S
  5. Ya it was a pork loin. I smoked one yesterday It turned out pretty good little dry but not to bad for my first smoke. Got a lot to learn.
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    What chamber temp were you smoking at and what was the internal temp when you pulled it offthe smoker?
  7. Welcome and Happy Smokin`!
  8. 200° For about 5 hours. Internal was 150 when I took it off.
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    Hmm, did you let the loin rest for a bit before slicing it?
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    Loins can be tough on a smoker, it took me several loin cooks to come up with my preferred method, I usually half large loins because one end is always done before the other end, not so much a thickness thing.

    I pull loins at 140° foil, towel and rest about an hour. (safe Internal temp is 145°)

    Brining works wonders for loins but the meat is dense and you need about a two day Brine for the thicker cuts.

    The true test of a moist loin is if it still is wet inside after it has cooled, many will say the loin is moist after reaching 160° but my experience with loins is that although they weep when warm, the true test is slicing when cold.

    For large loins slice only what you plan on eating at dinner.

    sliced 24 hours after cook and is still wet.


    I don't want to bog down the post with a ton of photos like I usually do but let me know if you are interested and I will look for my Brined Loin post.

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