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    I am new to smoking and BBQ. I seem to grill ok but am looking forward to smoking. Recently I had a smoker/grill made for me and I smoked a Boston Butt and two chicken halves. Everything came out ok for my first attempt. Low and slow was my technique. For the Boston Butt I smoked uncovered for two hours and then foil wrapped for the remaining time. The chicken was done at two hours. For the Boston Butt, I just used some rub and I built a Kingsford briquette fire. My hopes are to glean knowledge from participating in this forum. I live in Quincy, FL.


    Here is my smoker

    For smoking I remove the bottom grill and load the basket full of

    charcoal and a little fruitwood. I remove the top grill and grill on

    the bottom grill. 

  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas, neat looking smoker/grill, lots of information an help on here, just ask and someone will be glad to help.

    Gary S

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