Hello everyone. New MES 40 owner here...

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  1. I bought my MES 40 on black Friday. Received it 5 or so days later. Lurked on the forums fora bit while I was waiting. Seasoned the smoker when it showed up. Unplugged it and put the cover on it while waiting on other purchases(Maverick733). While I was lurking on these forums  I saw the mailbox mod... well then it was build a cabinet for the smoker(i don't have a carpenters bone in my body)...So after much ado I put the smoker in the cabinet this evening. Fits great just doesn't work. Somebody shoot me . It has some sort of a electrical gremlin. It will turn on, but once I try and set the temp it turns off. When I try again it does the same thing and then clicks etc until I unplug it. I have no Idea what happened to the darn thing. I am going to cross my fingers and hope that CS is there in the morning and can help me out. 


  2. Nice cabinet. Sorry to hear that you got a defective MES. They do have good customer service so they will get you up and smoking. I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

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    You had it shipped to you? Otherwise I'd advise you to take it back to the retailer for an exchange. Themule69 is right. MES has great customer service. Just give them a call. They can ship you a replacement part for free. In some cases they ship out entirely new replacement smokers for free.
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  4. A bit of a Xmas miracle happened yesterday. The gremlin took his leave. Smoker is functioning perfectly. Just need to do some tweeking to the mailbox mod and then it will be brisket time on Sunday. Off to roll call go. 

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