Hello everyone! Just got my Masterbuilt 30 ESM yesterday and already did 2 projects.

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    I'll tell ya, I've always been a super hot grill, char-lines in the steak guy. Love the fall off the bones stuff but never could figure how the restaurants do it. Watched a history channel show on the south and they kept bringing up the differences..slow vs fast, sear/blackened vs smoked. Asked pops for a smoker on my birthday and got me a MB Electric 30. A video of a smoked brisket looked so easy and left me drooling. A trip to the grocer turned up only a 2 pound brisket. It cost as much as a rib-steak, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why a cut known for being tough as leather would cost so much. Anyway, gotta get some practice, I figured. Got home, put some rub on it and threw it in at 220F with a meat probe. The $34 wireless probe died an hour and a half in, reading only 550F despite resetting etc. Anyways, I left her in another 2 hours. In the end, It was probably near 4 hours total, 2 of which were smoked. So as I dragged a knife across it, I knew it wasn't going to be all I had hoped for. Tasted great! A bit tough, though. I sliced her up thin and served up some mop made with a bit of the stock. I good meal but underwhelming. Undaunted, I set out for another try.

    Got me 9lb pork butt at BJ's for a song. Rubbed her up good and set her in last night at 9pm with chips and beer in the tray. Just what I'd want in a hot room! Smoked her a good 3 hours and went to bed, smoker set to 230F. This morning at 9am, she had an internal temp of 175. Probably had hit the stall sometime during the wee hours. By 11am, (14hrs), she was 192. I touched the probe and she almost fell right out. Poked at her a few times and she was soft as butter in the sun. Mopped her a bit with apple vinegar, wrapped her in foil and set her in at 275F for an hour. IT didn't rise much but I figured from the poking, she'd been done already. She's been resting in towels and cooler now for an hour and a half. Made up a crazy mop from the stock, Devil's Spit BBQ sauce, chili, A1, worcestershire, onion, garlic, a bit of ketchup and some apple cider vinegar and a half beer. I got a good feeling about this one, guys. Pop's will be here in a hour. My kids in 2. Figure the kids and I will share "pulling" and make a tradition out of it.

    I've learned so much from this site already and have a feeling I'll be here often. Looking forward to reading the posts of all you "professors of the pit". Now, time for a cold beer. Happy Labor Day!

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  2. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice cloudy day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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