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  1. Hello all;

    my passion for smoking started about 6 months a go when my dad gave me his $50 cheapo smoker that had been d
    Sitting out side in the dirt for about 20 years uncovered. I was gonna clean it up and mig weld all the holes up but it was so paper thin due to junk steel and rust I decided to chuck it and buy a new one. My friend sweaty Dave and I went to the Home Depot
    To get a replacement that day and I found the identical one that I had thrown out for around $48. I was gonna grab it when Dave pointed to a display of a smoker regular price $169 on sale for 69 bucks it was much bigger than the one I had thrown out the steel was a lot thicker and for under $20 bucks extra I coulnt pass it up. Ever since then I have been smoking all kinds of meat at least once a week. So far I have just been geussing how to do it and have had mixed luck ( all delicious tho) so here I am ready to learn from you guys hopfully I can turn out son top notch dinners with all the information I learn hers a pic of my smoker and the tri tip I smoked today that turned out amazing [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

    What smoker did you end up buying?

    Whatever it was it looks like it's working out well for you.

  3. Sorry about that It's a brinkman trail master limited edition. I thought I put a pic of it up but it must have got eaten by the Internet I'll try to post another pic. That tri tip in the pic was a steal 1.97/lb so I did 7 pounds
  4. that's the old smoker next to my new one
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  5. . I have a friend that basicly gets insider stock trading info on meat sales so when he told me about 99 cent per pound pork ribs I jumped on it 20 pounds of ribs I took my smoker to work they sat in there for 6 hours wile I worked
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    Nice score on the smoker, great looking food, tough 

    to go wrong.

    Welcome to you.


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