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  1. I am long in years, and very short in knowledge on this "smoking" thing. My late husband knew far more about it than I, and I wish I had paid more attention to what he was doing. I still have his 35+ year old Little Chief smoker, but recently bought myself a 14.5" WSM, and we are getting acquainted. It is coming along OK.

    I am thinking a Thermoworks Smoke might be helpful, but I can't tell if it will fit through the silicone grommet - and getting that grommet in place was a real bugger, I sure don't want to have to try and get it in again!

    Anyway, it is nice to be here, and I hope to learn from you experts. :)
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    Welcome halleone! I too have a WSM 14.5 and love the little sucker.I'm laughing right now on your comment about the silicone grommet.I had to walk away multiple times while trying to put mine in! I do not have a Smoke but the probes should fit.Orient the silicone grommet so the hole is at top and slot on bottom(so smoker probe is closer to top grate).Put a little Pam on the fattest part of the meat probe and slowly push it through whilst backing up the grommet with your fingers on the inside-Don't want that grommet to pop out!. Take the smoker temp probe and stick it through the hole till it bottoms on the fat part backing up grommet as aforementioned.Done.
    PS Vidalias aint got jack on WW Sweets!

  3. Hi Bill, thank you for your reply. I am hoping the Smoke might come on special for the holiday season(s), and I will give your approach a try. And I agree with your choice of sweet onions, just happen to have grown up surrounded by the fields! Many, many of them have given way to the vineyards/wineries (close to 100 of them in recent years), but wine and onions are both just fine with me!

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    Oh! You're from Walla Walla! I haven't been there in about 40yrs.I have family in Washington-Aunt in Port Townsend and Cousin in Lynnwood area.Used to travel there in summer and roam the state for 2 weeks at a time in a Winnebago pulling a boat.Good times and beautiful state! Almost as beautiful as Virginia :D
    I see you're a dog person too,you'll fit right in here.Search pets on here and you'll see some good looking hounds.

  5. [​IMG] Good morning and welcome to the forum from a nice warm November day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about everything.

  6. Thank you, Gary, for the welcome. I am enjoying reading the forums, and have so much to learn. This is obviously THE place to learn!

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