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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by zohar, Jun 2, 2014.

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    I just bought my first smoker, a Masterbuilt dual fuel pro.

    I put it together and can't wait to try it out. When reading the instructions I noticed that they "recommend" a 10' space on every side.

    I have the smoker on a balcony (wood), and have about a 4' clearance on every side (I grill on the balcony as well).

  2. I'm an extreme amateur, with probably a dozen or less sessions under my belt over the last two years.  That said, it's my opinion that 10' is a little over the top; I'm sure they are basing that on some recommendations by their lawyers :)  I've got mine in a corner of our deck, about 3' from the house, and about a foot or so off of the deck rail (to the rear).  I've checked surrounding surfaces for increased temperatures and found very, very slight warming of the deck rail, and a little more on the deck directly below the burner.  Neither were anything I'm going to worry about. 
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    Welcome to the board, and be careful!

    I see two main hazards: dropping coals onto the wood, and having a big flareup over the gas, like fatty bratwurst or chicken getting out of hand. My sister used to live in Dade County FL and they don't allow grills in multi-story buildings.

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