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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ikebbq, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. ikebbq

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    New forum member here. Been smokin a little here and there and found this site. I'm from South Carolina and have been smokin for about a year off and on, so i'm still in that "just learning" phase i guess. Got a Charbroil Silver Smoker which i've made some mods to from what i've read on several boards. Got a few questions for you Quers out there. I'm having some trouble keeping an even temp in the cooking chamber. I've installed a baffle between the firebox and cooking chamber that extends about a foot into the cooking chamber and extended the chimney down to grate level. On other smokes i've done i leave one themometer on the side closest to the fire and one on the farthest side and am getting a temp diff. of around 20-40 degrees. Anyone have any recommendations as to how to get the temp to equal out? Also i burn lump charcoal in the firebox and want to get opinions on what kind of wood (chips vs. chunks) and how much should be put in at a time. I think i'm gonna start having trouble getting work done now that i found this site. Thanks all.
  2. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF. Nice to know you've already got some smokes behind you. Stick around, and you'll have plenty of good advise to get you going.
  3. geek with fire

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    Welcome to SMF. Glad to have ya!

    I guess the first thing I could ask is if you use a water or sand pan when you cook? This step alone will keep the temps from rapidly changing; which helps when you are dialing her in. The next thing is to make sure you are sealed up really good, so that the damper is the primary adjustment point, and not the wind. Which leads me to shelter. Make sure you're not out in the open, and you have some sort of wind break around you to keep the wind out of play.

    As far as temp gage location, I just put one in the middle of the pit, grate level. I maintain temp at this location. That way, if I want to cook more than one thing, like a butt and some chicken, I can put the poultry on the hot side, and the pork on the low and slow side. Obviously you can put gages on both sides, but my point is, I don't try to even out the temperatures across the pit.

    Hope this helps!
  4. blackhawk19

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    Welcome to the SMF , sign up for Jeff's 5-day eCourse and newsletter
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    Welcome to the forum IKEBBQ![​IMG]
  6. fatback joe

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    Welcome to the forum.

    IMO if you can keep 20degrees difference from one end to the ohter you are doing fine. Improving on that may be tough.

    Like Geek said, use the temp differences to your advantage.

    Good luck
  7. homebrew & bbq

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    Welcome to SMF! As you are already finding out, this is a great place to get help and to share smoking experiences. You're already getting some good advice. Just wanted to welcome you aboard.
  8. ikebbq

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    What products are there available to seal up a smoker? I've noticed smoke coming from around the chimney and also from the lid on the cooking chamber. I was thinking of using some gasket material like around an oven door for the lid since i have wires running for the thermometers, but what about the chimney? As far as a water pan or sand pan i have used neither but seen a few threads talking about them. In a horizontal smoker would you just put the pan under the food in the cooking chamber? Thanks
  9. cowgirl

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    That's what I do.
  10. geek with fire

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    Some of the folks around here have used high temp chimney cement (I've never tried that myself). I use wadded up aluminum foil around lids and doors; epsecially the firebox door, which tends to warp if it is thin material. Just take some long strips, roll it up, and mash where you need it to go. Not sure how to help you on the chimney part....I'm guessing you're talking about someplace other than the top of the chimney...(sorry, I couldn't help it![​IMG] )

    On the pan, I put mine on the firebox side, about 3-4" away from the opening. It doesn't need to be right under your food, because you aren't trying to steam anything, just keep humidity in the chamber.
  11. t-bone tim

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    welcome to SMF, wood stove door gaskets are great and available in diff sizes and shapes , and available at most hardware stores and the high temp caulking works good as well , and should be available at the same type stores.
  12. rip

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    Welcome to the site. Lowe's has fireproof insulation for $10.00 in their fireplace dept. Thats what I used around the door of my vertical smoker.
  13. gramason

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    Welcome to the SMF.
  14. smokeys my pet

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    Ikebbq, Welcome to smf keep comin round for tons of great smokin info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome Ike -

    sounds like it's pretty close to me. How's you air flow? Got your stack wide open?

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