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  1. Wow am I glad I found this site. I have been smoking for many years, but never knew there was a source for so much knowledge. I learned most of what I know from an old pitmaster that was kind enough to pass along some pointers. He was also smart enough to know when not to pass along things, instead he would encourage me to experiment and learn on my own. I've made some really bad q more often than I like to admit, but this also helped me make some really enjoyable q.

    I got my first layers of seasoning on a Char-griller that I made many mods to over the years. I was very difficult to use and taught me a lot. I finally graduated to a Jambo Backyard model that I just got in November. Now I have to figure out how to use it. I have a few cooks on it and, so far, I'm loving everything about it.

    Can't wait for all the things I can learn here. :yahoo:
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    Welcome from SC. I'm sure you will enjoy this great site. I've been here a year and have found lots of really good folks. I can't wait to see some pics of your smokes,

    Good luck with your new smoker and keep on smokin', Joe

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