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  1. I recently joined this group but I've been "lurking" for a long time and Have learned a lot from its members.

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA.  For the first four years of me smoking career I used a 22" Weber kettle and have had excellent results.  (No one in my family will eat a roasted Thanksgiving turkey any more -- it has to be smoked.)  Last year I splurged on a Traeger Texas and I've become a smoking' fool.  Now that I've become acclimated to the processes and the grill I've developed a bit of a reputation for smoking and bar-b-que.  Which brings me to the reason for joining and my first question...

    I've been asked to cook for a friend who is having a gathering of ~15 people.  She wants ribs and whole chickens.  I can do either for myself or for immediate consumption but this request has me stumped.

    I normally use the 3-2-1 method for my St. Louis-style ribs.  Fine - that's 6 hours of cooking on the Traeger.  But then I have ~1 1/2 hrs of cook time for the chickens.  Since they are at a higher temp than I'd ever cook ribs at I certainly can't do the end of the rib cook simultaneously.  That may mean re-foiling the ribs and storing until the chicken is done.  Then it's a 1/2 drive to deliver the goods.  I am almost positive the ribs will be overdone so I have to alter my normal method.  But I am at a loss for how much to shorten the cook and which of the last tow to shorten.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe this is why catered ribs are always fall-off-the-bone, which I don't particularly care for.

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.
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    Welcome to SMF!  A challenge right out of the barrel!

    Easiest thing to do would be to use different smokers.  If you still have the Kettle use it for the chickens.

    If using just the Traeger though you could also skip the 3-2-1 method and just go 6 hours unwrapped on the ribs, spritzing every hour starting at 3 hours.  I never wrap my spares.  Then once they are smoked, remove from the smoker, foil, and then do the chickens. 

    You'll know whether the smoke is perfect or not, but trust me, the folks eating, won't.  They'll just rave about the flavor and for some reason most non-smokers think fall-off-the-bone ribs means you are a true pitmaster.   
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  3. Unfortunately, the Weber has been moved to my camp.  Otherwise...yes, that's exactly what I'd do.  Nope, one Traeger Texas is the only tool I have. 

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