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  1. I never officially posted here.  Been smoking (not as much as I like) for about 6 months now.

    I brined a chicken over night and we have a picnic roast that we will be doing today as well.

    One questions, which should I put on top, the pork or chicken?  I'm leaning pork.  Thoughts?

    QVIEW to follow.
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    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your pics later.
  4. What temp should I smoke at?

    I read one recipe for chicken at 235 and pork at 225.  Will setting it at 235 affect the pork negatively and cook it too fast?
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    [​IMG]  to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, there's lot's of great people here who love to share and help each other out! Would you do us a favor and update your profile to include your location, Thanks!

    You will be fine at 235*. I smoke chicken at 275*-300* because it doesn't really need to go low and slow and it helps get the skin crispier but I wouldn't crank it that high with pork in there. You can always put the chicken in your oven under the broiler for a few minutes after it is done to crisp up the skin too.

    You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-course, it will teach you all the basics and a whole lot more: http://www.smoking-meat.com/smoking-basics-ecourse.html
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    Hello  and [​IMG]to SMF - glad to have you here
  8. Chicken was delicious.  My daugher (3 year old) ate a bunch of it.  So I'm a proud dad.  We kept it at 235, and although the skin wasn't crisp, it was not soggy.  I'll call it half crisp.  We loved it.  We will be doing it again.

  9. Picnic roast was good too.  We smoked it to 199 degress.  It took 30 minutes to go from 198 to 199.  We were "starving" so we took it off and rested it for 30 mintes in foild and wrapped in a blanket.  It was very pullable.


  10. Hello and welcome to SMF! The chicken and the pork both look great!!! Nice job!

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