Hello all. Trying to decide on which smoker to purchase.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by marcs, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Bradley

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  3. Other.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm so new to smoking I do not even have a smoker yet!  My friend has a Bradley, I've been looking at Masterbuilt, and others.  The issue I'm having is that both have good and both have bad reviews.  I'm praying someone here in this forum can point me in the correct direction.  I don't want to spend over $500.  I want to make sure the smoker purchased is a good unit.  That is; after I learn how to use it; I don't want to wish I had purchased another one.  So,   that said....   What is the "ticket" for a smoker?   (So far; I want an electric one.)

    Thank you!

  2. noboundaries

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    The electric owners will be along to give their input.  I'm a charcoal guy and WSM owner, but you're out in the desert.  Unless there's a HD, Lowe's, or Wally World near you a charcoal smoker wouldn't make much sense due to the fuel needs.  Electric gives you the plug and play, set and forget capability. 

    The MES is probably the most popular smoker on this site, but there can be issues with them.  Problems with the Bradley seem to be significantly fewer.    
  3. chef jimmyj

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    Bradley's work but you are tied to their Puck's...Not Cheap!

    MES40? I have 2. Many owners here...BUT...The only ones to get are the Gen1 model # 20070311, hand held remote, all Stainless Steel or the Gen2.5 Bluetooth unit, model # 20070115 Black with SS door. There are other models but these two are their best design. Additionally, you will get into cool/cold smoking at some point and for true 10 hours set and forget...The A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoke Generator, AMNPS, is a MUST HAVE. This thing added to the MES makes it IMO the best electric for around $400 total.

    In the same price range but smaller is the Smokin-it model 1, 2 & 3. Nothing but good reviews from the guys here.

    Welcome and feel free to look around and ask all the questions you wish...JJ
  4. bearcarver

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    Welcome MarcS  [​IMG]

    Love my 5 year old MES 40 Gen #1 "#311". Paid $349 for it 5 years ago, but they're even cheaper nowadays.

    All I hear about the Bradley is expensive smoking pucks and they say they're supposedly Underpowered.

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  5. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another hot day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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