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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by heinz, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. heinz

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    This started last Christmas with a Red Stone bullet smoker grill from Tractor Supply. It was a charcoal unit and first thing I did was convert over to electric by using a oven thermostat and 2 heating elements for ovens (a new element can be bent into any shape before it's heated up)

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  2. heinz

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    I tried to put pictures in with tapatalk  but there is some problem doing that and it closes the app. Now I  have to get the pictures from my phone to the computer to add to this build.
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    Heinz, morning...... On the bottom of the page is a choice.... Mobile or Desktop...... I think that changes stuff so pictures work.... Not sure..... I'm always on the desktop......
    That is good info on bending a NEW element.... thanks....

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  4. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    is what it looked like to start with

    figured out how many watts I could use on a 120V 20amp breaker 1900 watts max equals about 16 amps you only want to be pulling 80% of breaker amps to keep from tripping

    is the elements installed

    used a thermostat for a oven
  5. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    Here it is ready to try
  6. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    Here is my first batch of chicken wings seasoned and ready to go. It was like 25 deg out side and I couldn't get the temp over 200 so I had to put them in the oven what a disappointment, so now I had to figure out how to get more heat? propane would have to be it 
  7. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    So I took the side burner off my grill and mounted it in the bottom

    Here the valve set up on the out side

    Iron skillet chip pan, the pan ended up being to hot at this level. I put metal pcs under it to raise it up then the flame would go out so I put a flat pc of steel about 1/4 thick on the burner then set the skillet on a old pulley so it was about 3/4 of a inch up  
  8. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    so now after a year  and a bunch of wings, mac and cheese. ribs, pork tinder loin, a whole turkey and a few briskets.

  9. heinz

    heinz Newbie

    This Christmas I got a Masterbuilt Pro dual fuel from Home depot it will be way easer to have multiple layers in it with the door so now to start modifying it!  

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