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    This should have not been posted in the sticky section. Can some one move to the right spot.


    Hi All Any one use the new sampler pack of BBQ sauce from Heinz? Let me know what you think of them.

    Thanks Dan

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    Thanks for realizing it was in the wrong place.

    I moved it.

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  3. I've tried the Memphis and K.C. flavors.  They're about what I expected, thick and sweet like so many others.  I'm not a fan of thick and sweet but for thick and sweet they're pretty good, not outstanding but nothing offensive.  I want to pick up the other two flavors and try them out.  That Carolina Vinegar Style has me curious.

    I'm interested to see what others think.
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    I've seen them but I'm not big on sauces at all for the reasons you stated. Too thick and too sweet. I prefer a glaze that goes on a bit thinner and sets up while in the smoker. I don't use it often but I use Swineapple. Google it and you can find it if you are interested. We had a all guys 4 wheeler weekend up at one of my friends hunting shack a few weekends ago. There were 8 of us and I made a rack of ribs for each of us. I glazed half the rack with Swineapple and left the other half dry. Served everyone a full rack no slicing. Everyone was split even on which half they liked better.

    The only other sauce that I did kind of  like was Blues Hog.
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    Hi I'm also a fan of Blue Hogs sauce especially on ribs. Just wanted to see what the sampler pack tasted like.

    My wife is very picky when it comes to BBQ sauce, no spice no heat for her.I'm hoping she will like one these,then I can get the big bottle.

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    Hi All Here are my findings on the samples.
    KC and Memphis were almost same. Even my wife liked some what. Put both on different ribs for about 30 minutes..Couldn't really tell the difference,maybe my taste buds were shot at that time.
    Texas I liked the little kick, finger test
    Carolina maybe on Pull Pork, finger test
    Thanks DanB
    PS Blue Hogs BBQ Sauce still wins out!!
  7. The Memphis version is listed as Sweet & Spicy.  The KC version is listed as Sweet & Smoky.

    Side-by-side out of the bottle you can tell the Memphis is just barely a bit spicier and the KC is just barely a bit smokier.

    The most noticeable difference is that the Memphis version has little onion bits in it.

    The difference in taste is so subtle that I'm sure if I had each on some ribs I couldn't tell the difference.

    Did the Texas style have black pepper for the kick?  Those silly Texans just love their black pepper.

    I'm glad you said that about the Carolina style because I want to try it on pulled pork.

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