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Discussion in 'Texas Members' started by gene80, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Opinions please. Just bought a 10 lb, spiral sliced, hickory smoked, ready to eat ham. Can I run it through my new Camp Chef pellet smoker to boost the flavor? If so, how long & how Hot? 
  2. rexster314

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    Wouldn't go over 1500 and about 2-3 hours of good smoke. Put it sliced end down on foil all you want to smoke is the outside. Maybe pack a little brown sugar/mustard paste on it for a little extra flavor.
  3. ibbones

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    Perfect timing for this thread.  I bought one of those hams also and plan to at least heat it up in the smoker, hopefully with smoke but it not then maybe it will pick up a bit more flavor.

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