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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by mschwartz26, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. mschwartz26

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    I have asked similar questions in other other forums but haven't yet received an answer on a specific question so thought I would try this forum!  I am looking to set up my 48" Lang Patio to smoke sausages.  I am looking for a easy way to control temperatures bw 120-180.  Thinking of putting a heating element under the reverse flow plate.  I would then run the cord out a damper wheel in the smoke box.  Do I need to be concerned about melting the cord that will be exposed in the smoker if I am not running hotter than 180?  Thanks in advance for any feedback and/or suggestions.
  2. dcarch

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    1. What's the wattage of the heating element? And voltage?

    2. What kind of cord?

    3. What kind of temperature control that you can be sure that it will not go above 180F?

  3. mschwartz26

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    I was thinking of using a 1500w Brinkmann element (http://www.amazon.com/Brinkmann-812-3323-0-Smokeshop-Electric-Converter/dp/B0000AUSHQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top#customerReviews).  So the cord would be the one from this.  Do you think this would be enough to heat the Lang up to 180?

    I know a lot out there use a PID controller but I am really trying to keep the cost down.  I found this router speed controller (http://www.amazon.com/MLCS-9410-20-Amp-Router-Control/dp/B001NIK6PC/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1421862470&sr=1-1&keywords=router+speed+control+20+amp&pebp=1421862493260&peasin=B001NIK6PC) that I also think can do the job.  I know I can't input a specific temperature but I could at least dial it into the range I want.  These together are around $85 total...the range I wanted to spend.

    This would obviously be some what of a trial and error to see if this will work.  I plan on using my A-MAZE-N maze with sawdust for the smoke.
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  4. hugestapedius

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    If i remember correct the brinkman chord is rated 90c so around 220 degrees. I was having similar concerns with mine. Thought of coating in rtv silicone rated for 500 deg .
  5. daveomak

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    The insulation around the wire is rated for 90C...  coating it with high temp silicone will NOT do a thing for the original insulation...   It could melt and short out .....   
  6. mschwartz26

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    So, it sounds like if I keep the temp under the 90c/220f range (which I would never want to get that high) then I should be ok.  

    Do you think that this 1 1500w element would be enough to get a 48" Lang (1/4 inch steel) up to 180?
  7. daveomak

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  8. wolfman1955

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    It will probably get it up to that temp. Just don't know how long it will take to heat up all of that metal.
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  9. mschwartz26

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    I thought the same things Wolf.  I will have to play with it and see if I can get this to work.  I don't know how easy it would be to maintain those low temperatures with a small fire using either wood or charcoal so I thought I would investigate this approach.  I could always build a small fire to get the smoker up to temp and then put in the element.  I would have to be very careful about how hot I get the smoker before putting the element in...so many catch 22's... 
  10. wolfman1955

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    If you are woried about the electric cord melting you could replace it with something like this Just leave it like that till you get into your fire box the heat shrink together to make a cord.
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  11. hugestapedius

    hugestapedius Fire Starter

    Similar situation with my build. I am running a smoke daddy pellet hopper and a brinkman 1500watt. Wana use the smoke daddyfor 180-250 degrees and the brinkman and my amaze n for cold/ up to 200 degrees smoking. The brinkman pigtail runs through a hole in bottom of cabinet through 3" rockwool and out the bottom to the pid. My concern is when i get the smoke daddy heated up to above the 220 the brinkmans rated for. Will i have melting issues? The wire is at no point inside the cabinet, avoidint most heat. And i have a 1/4" steel plate then the porcelain fridge bottom then the insulation. Sorry to hijack another thread but i think we are investigating similar scenarios. Ps is high temp wire usually coated on silicone similar to rtv. I assume if one was to strip the org case and rtv the exposed wire essentialy creating you own high temp sheath
  12. hugestapedius

    hugestapedius Fire Starter

  13. hoity toit

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    Use a line voltage thermostat to control the temp., as far as the wire goes i would not be too concerned, heat goes up. try it and see if it seems to get too  hot You could replace the cord with hi temp wire, but that suff is a little pricey by the foot.

    With that speed control, you are basically just using a dimmer switch.., I think it would work ok since the one you showed is rated for 20 amps and the 1500 watt element will only pull 12.5amps on 120volt.

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