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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by green1320, Jan 12, 2015.

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     I just bought a new 1st generation 30 in electric MES smoker with the controls at the top rear and a window. I used it for the first time this weekend too do two Boston butts for pulled pork. I live in North West PA and the temp outside when I started the smoker at 3am was 14 degrees. I placed a Maverick 733 probe in the smoker to monitor the inside temp. The probe was on one of the clips that comes with the unit under the middle shelf. Originally the smoker when turned to 220 deg on the smoker only registured 208 on the maverick. I turned the smoker temp up to 240 and the maverick registered 220 deg and I put the two room temp butts in the smoker. After and hour in the smoker the temp would only come up to 205 deg on the maverick. I turned the smoker up to its highest setting and the smoker would only come up to 228 deg but would fluctuate between 228 and 201 deg. I used the smoker for 11 hrs that day and the temp outside did reach 30 deg as the sun came up. Is this normal for this smoker? Is there something broken on the smoker that will not allow it to come up to temp? When I seasoned the smoker two days before I set the smoker at 275 and the maverick read 298 deg after 1 hour and the temp outside was -1. Why would the smoker not come up to temp and the highest it would go is 228. When I seasoned the smoker it was inside my un-heated garage and when I used it to do the pork it was on my open deck. Please advise me to why this happened and what I can do to get a higher temp when its cold out. I replaced my older electric smoker (Bradly) with this MES. The older smoker can and did reach temps of 260 deg running right beside the MES.  I used the 2nd and the third shelf. The temp prob was under the 2nd shelf. The two butts were on the 2nd shelf from the top and weighed 4.47 and 5.5 pounds. I preheated for approx 45 min to and hour while I lite my AMnps and got the meat prepped and to room temp. During the preheat the smoker came up to 208 deg when the smoker was set  at 240 deg so I turned the smoker up to 240 about 30 min into the pre-heat and the smoker went to 220 deg. I do not have any problems with the maverick 733 in my other smoker with the same set up so I do believe the smoker never got above the stated temps on my MES. Also after 9 hrs I pulled the 4.47 butt and the external probe temp was the same as when I checked it with my thermapen 169 deg. I only had one probe in the small butt and I used the second probe of the maverick for the barbecue temp of the inside of the smoker. The temp probe for the inside smoker temp was on a clip under the 3rd shelf. I also noticed today that the bottom of my door on the inside looks at if it has melted. The metal peice at the bottom inside comes to a point and the paint or coating has cracked. Is this normal for the door to do? I did not notice the point on the inside of the door before. Thanks for any help.

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    Did you have anything covering the 3rd shelf, like Aluminum foil or foil pans???

    What temps was the MES digital reading??

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    Bear carver,
    Yes is did have a foil pan of wicked beans on the self above the butts for the last 3 hours and I did have a foil pan at the bottom of the smoker to catch the grease. Will these both cause problems with the heat? Also Thanks for the help with the heat deflector. The temp the MES was reading was 275 the same temp I had it set at. Thanks
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    The only way the foil or foil pan would affect the heat would be if it didn't have much space around the edges, or if you have 2 pans on the same rack & not much space between, especially if the crowd would be below the MES heat sensor. That would cause the heat in the bottom to keep going up & up & up, and the sensor would keep calling for heat.

    The fact that your MES was reading 275° and set at 275° makes me think that there could have been something blocking heat flow above the sensor, because it sounds like from there down it was OK, but above was lower temps.

    BTW: The MES sensor is the little thing that looks like a toggle switch, just to the right of center, below mid-height, on the back wall.

  5. green1320

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    Called Masterbuilt this morning. They helped me out and decided my top control was probably faulty and will send me a new one. I also told them about the door problem and they are also sending me a new door. They believe the controller was bad and when I seasoned the smoker two days before I did the pork It went way over temp and damaged the door. When I seasoned the smoker I did not use my maverick so I dont know what the temp was. They were great people to deal with and did all of this in a very fast time. This is the best experience I have ever had with a company and got results fast. Thanks Masterbuilt
  6. bearcarver

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    That's Great !!

    It seems their customer service quality has really picked up in the last few years.

  7. daricksta

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    I've had great experiences with MB customer service but I've only needed to call them twice in the almost three years I've had my MES 30 Gen 1.

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