Heat Controllers?

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  1. I'm a real newbie.  But I'm curious - after going over hundreds of posts and threads, I don't see any mention of heat controllers, i.e. Geru, Stoker, PitMaster IQ, etc.  What gives?
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  3. One reason may be that a lot of guys here have elec smokers and have a built in thermostat.  I have a WSM and I believe I don't need an auto temp controller (ATC) because I find I enjoy controlling the pit myself.  The WSM makes it very easy.  But like Dave said there are a few that do use the ATC(s) here.
  4. Thank you all for good, quick responses.  You are helping me feel more at home on the Forum.
  5. Hello, and Welcome from Texas. This is a great site with worlds of information.


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