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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sweetjd, Jul 27, 2013.

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    I'm headed to Gainesville for a week Aug 4-9, does anyone know any good BBQ spots or ant highlights for that area????
  2. Live 20 miles from Gainesville. Beautiful little town on Lake Lanier. There is a little BBQ place on Hwy 129,(Cleveland Hwy) Johnny's that is pretty good. Try Hickory Pig BBQ, but be ready for "rustic! " Myra Mixon has a place Jack's Old South in nearby Braselton, and

    if you like wine, Chateu Elan is close byin Braselton as well.

    If you happen over Cumming way(20 miles), CUE's is a very good BBQ spot. Slopes is a local chain with decent sandwichs.

    Enjoy your visit, we've had a beautiful summer, alot of rain, but most pleasant temps.

    OBTW, if you have children, just north of Gainesville is Cleveland, Ga., home of Babyland General Hospital, birthplace of

    The Cabbage Patch craze.
  3. sweetjd

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    sp far it's a nice, place. heard up Helen, which was really cool.. went to Johnny's today tasted pretty good.. had good BBQ. two more days and back to MN :(
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    The BBQ on the Cleveland Hwy is great. I went there last summer and had a wonderful time. Make sure go in a group of friends, you'll definitely have the time that you won't forget. Live life by lists so that you don't forget anything. Good luck. :grilling_smilie: Restorative Dentistry
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