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  1. fishwrestler

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    Not sure why I needed to make headcheese, but thought what the hell. I used Rivet’s recipe posted on another site. I made substitutions and bolded them next to his original item.
    • 2 ham hocks (1- Beef Tongue)
    • 2 trotters, split down the middle
    • 2 thick-cut pork chops (4- Pig Snouts)
    • 1 bulb garlic
    • 1 onion, diced
    • 2 tbsp salt
    • 10 laurel leaves
    • any desired flavors such as pepper flakes, herbs etc.
    • (1- Bunch of celery)
    • (handful of baby carrots diced)
    All the ingredients


    Here are the snouts. Scored the skin on the snouts the tongue and the pig feet. To help all the good stuff render out.


    All in the pot ready for boiling


    Nothing Like a little snout and tongue


    After  the meat was falling off the bone, I removed all the meat and clean all the vegetable out and the bones. Here it is before I chopped everything up.


    I strained the broth and let it continue to simmer for about 2 1/2 hours. I threw some shredded carrots into the broth and diced some green onion and mixed them directly into the meat. I tested the broth by taking a ladle full in a cup and sticking  it in the freezer and with in 10 minutes it started to set like Jello./

    I then filled 5 loaf pans with the meat mixture and ladled warm broth in.


    Here it is all done. Tasted fantastic


    Thanks for looking and sorry i did not take more pictures I got into the process and forgot to take more.

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Very cool and I like how you used actual Head Parts to make it...I like it Cold but as a kid my Bro and I would eat it like Soup right out of the pot!...The high Gelatin content makes for some awesome Rich Mouth Feel...Yum...JJ
  3. smokinal

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    I've never had it before & not sure I want to.
  4. slownlow

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    X 2 
  5. diesel

    diesel Smoking Fanatic

    Nice looking.  Any picts of it sliced?  
  6. Looks good!

    Just like Grandpa used to make!!!!

  7. boykjo

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    Awesome Robert....................I'll have some with a hard roll................[​IMG]

  8. fishwrestler

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    Thanks, Jimmy! It was tasty when is was hot, I almost kept some of the meat out to scramble with some eggs.

    It is good on a sandwich with a little mustard.
    You don't know what you are missing.

    Here you go Diesel.

    Nice, I was hoping to get the authentic old world look, Thank you Sausage Boy


    I just had some on wheat bread with a little chipotlte mustard and some sliced pickles. Very tasty.

    Thank you to all who looked and commented

    Keep smoking,

  9. eman

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    Top notch looking head cheese.

     if you want to mix some w/ eggs or anything else just toss it in the skillet and it will melt back down to a semi liquid that you can mix w/ food.

      I once decided that i wanted to make a sammie out of head cheese. Great idea, until i decided to put it in the sandwich press.

    that's how i learned that it will liquify  pretty easy. LOL
  10. roller

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    Dang man that is some good looking headcheese...I love it cold on crackers..yours really looks good.
  11. roller

    roller Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    I had some in the freezer once and put it in the Microwave and guess what??????  I had a bowl of soup instead...
  12. Like I always say, it's hard to find good head cheese these days...seriously.

    My dad told me how they made it when he was a kid.  They made it soon after they butchered a hog in the fall of the year.

    We used to buy some good head cheese at the butcher shops about 50 years ago.  Nothing like the junk they carried 20 or 30 years ago when I last looked for some.

    Good for you for making some!
  13. redheelerdog

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    Too funny Al!

    You crack me up!

  14. venture

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    Not my favorite, but still a very interesting post.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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