having temp issues on a offset smoker

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  1. I just bought a Redstone offset charcoal smoker. 

    I set it up and started a fire to season it.  As far as the temp gauge that it came with, I am only getting up to 190 to 200 degrees.  I am using Kingsford Original charcoal and Apple wood chunks.  I have used about 8 lbs of charcoal mixing in apple wood chunks.  Only thing I have done to the smoker is line the bottom of the grill with aluminium foil and put a half pan in the bottom to fill with water.

    Also does anyone have any tips on how to distribute the heat evenly across the grilling surface?  I plan to extend the exhaust stack down to just above grill level.  I sealed the smoke box and the stack when I installed them.

    Just doing a couple of burns to learn how to control heat before putting any meat on it.

    Any help would be great.


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    Hi Chris.

    It's a pretty good bet that the stock thermometer that came with your pit is way off. I'd suggest starting with purchasing a thermo you know you can trust. Todd at A-Maze-N products sells the Maverick ET-732, a very good digital, dual probe therm.

    As far as even temps in that offset pit, check out some threads of tuning plate and baffle mods:


    Hope any of this helps...good luck!


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