Having fun with my masterbuit verical smoker..........any advice?

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  1. ..........been at it 5 weekends in a row 3 pork butts, a brisket, and a few different chicken pieces, wings, thighs, and a fryer.

    Yesterday I did another 9 lb pork butt ,had a good size fat cap on it I decided to leave it on. 

    I diamond cut the cap so the rub would get to the meat.  Rub was on meat prior to cook 10 hrs. I,m not so sure I liked all the fat left on the top as compared to the 2 others I have done . Smoked with hickory and  apple for 5 1/2 hrs at around 220 - 225* cook temp to 157* then wrapped in foil until 203*  let rest for about 1 1/2 hr (done a bit earlier than I thought, good I guess?)  The nice bark I had was soft and with all the fat (a lot of Liquid) left in the foil the taste kinda changed and not so sure I would wrap again for as long or at all, at least with that amount of fat . I also sprayed it every hour with apple juice, used the water tray the refilled the water tray after about 31/2 hrs not sure I would spray or refill water again either

    Had about 20 ppl here yesterday, no pulled pork left, looked like everyone had seconds ..no leftovers either

    My guests all said it was awesome but I wasnt in love with the smoked butt this time 
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    Yummy! Is it an MB propane? I have a MB XL vertical propane that gets used like a bastardized stick burner. I LOVE IT!!!

    And where are ur qviews? ;)
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    If you are looking for less fatty pork with amazing bark and awesome flavor you might want to read about the "Lean trim, no foil, wet to dry chamber method". I have adopted this method for my butts and they have gone to a whole new level.



    And here Eric really describes this method in detail.

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