Having a moisture buildup problem and looking for some advice

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dameon, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. dameon

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    I recently lucked out and upgraded from a 16" diameter offset smoker to a Viking Gravity feed smoker.

    The luck park because a friend was getting out of the game and let it go for a great price.

    It's amazing, all in all, it seals up exceptionally well, very efficient, but running into an issue with excessive moisture in it post cook I have not had in my previous smokers.

    To try and resolve it:

    -Tried "airing" it out as it cools from the cook.

    -Tried "burning" it at 300 & 400 degrees for a bit at the end of the cook.

    -Wiping it down a bit once at a safe temperature.

    -Made sure to clean the trap every time

    -Pulling the ash once it's safe.

    Other suggestions welcome, the moisture is wrecking the seasoning and I can't seem to resolve it.
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  2. seenred

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    Hi Dameon,

    Hmm...that's odd to me.  I don't recall ever having excessive moisture buildup in my GF pit.  If you're not using a water pan, and if your rig is well ventilated, I can't imagine why there'd be so much moisture in it at the end.  During the cook, is there a lot of steam exiting the stack along with the smoke?  Does it happen regardless of what kind/how much meat you put in it?  While it's true that different sizes and cuts of meat will "sweat" more water while they cook than others, your situation seems more extreme than that.

    This one has me a little stumped.  [​IMG]

  3. dameon

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    So since picking it up I've done a good variety of meats (brisket, beaf and pork, chucks, pork loin, chicken and some jerky), doesn't seem to be linked to a cut (great thought) but I'll watch my next cooks a little closer.

    No water pan, only exhaust is the main chimney, which is never obstructed.

    There is (depending on the temp) sometimes moisture on the inside during cooks, and when I open the door to add meat, wrap etc, the exhaust cloud will sometimes clearly have vaper in it.

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